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This is where desk booking solutions come in. They are sometimes also known as hot desking software or flexible workplace management systems. These solutions offer a number of benefits for organizations and employees. Here we present six reasons why you need a desk booking solution.

Desk booking software enables employees to book suitable desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces. They can also use them to reserve special peripheral devices and other resources in a hybrid working environment. The desk booking system allows them to plan their week easily and secure the resources they need. Below we’ve set out six advantages that a desk booking solution offers your organization and your employees:

  1. Greater autonomy: With desk booking software, your employees can decide for themselves when and where they want to work. They are able to choose a workspace that meets their individual needs and preferences. For example, they can book a quiet desk for focused work or a collaborative area for teamwork.
  2. Transparent utilization: You can see how your organization’s resources are being used at any time in a desk booking app. This provides valuable insights: you can identify where you need to make investments. But it can also show you which resources are not being utilized.
  3. Optimum utilization management: Desk booking software gives you transparency. This enables you to make optimum use of your office space and other resources. And you can adapt your company’s infrastructure to changing requirements and conditions. For example, you can plan team days in the office, project meetings, and customer events to make optimum use of the available resources.
  4. Higher productivity: Desk booking software reduces the time that your employees spend searching for a free desk, parking space, or meeting room. They will be able to go straight to the workspace they have booked. This allows them to focus better on their work.
  5. Better teamwork: Desk booking apps and solutions also allow your managers to organize teams with much greater flexibility. Instead of working in fixed groups, they can form teams on an ad hoc basis. They can then book their workspaces and rooms accordingly. Face-to-face teamwork is much less common today, so it’s important to make it effective. Desk booking software provides the flexibility for your teams to collaborate productively.
  6. Employee satisfaction: Desk booking software makes it much easier for your employees to plan and provides them with transparency. This gives them greater autonomy: they have much more scope to decide how they can contribute best toward your company’s goals. Having greater independence within work processes makes your employees feel valued. All this leads to greater satisfaction with their work and with your organization as their employer.

Overall, a desk booking solution creates a more flexible, efficient, and pleasant working environment. It therefore meets the needs of both your company and your teams.

When selecting the right desk booking software for your organization, you should keep the above six advantages in mind. But there are two other key factors to consider: Firstly, your chosen software must have rigorous data protection. And secondly, ease of use is essential. Such a solution will lay the right foundation for your organization’s future: it gives your employees the tools to work together with greater flexibility.

There are several providers of desk booking solutions. ti&m’s Swiss solution integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Teams. It combines user-friendliness with absolute security.

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