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ti&m is growing by around 20 percent per year, which is reflected in the opening of new branches. Last year, we opened two new offices in Europe, in Basel and Düsseldorf, and in 2020 – just a few weeks before the pandemic – we were able to move into our Singapore office. Despite the difficult timing, ti&m quickly gained a foothold in the small city-state and steadily expanded its workforce. Our long-standing relationships with Swiss and European banks operating in Singapore certainly helped us at the beginning. They were already using our product licenses in Europe, and we were thus able to roll out our solutions onshore in close proximity to our customers in the Singapore branches.

As a global capital for banking and fintech, Singapore is home to a large number of banks and financial services providers with a large reach into the Asian market. In asset management in particular, we are seeing a great deal of interest in innovative, digital solutions: The industry is striving to increase customer service with better advisory services and to expand the investment offering for customers. Investing in new solutions can thus increase customer satisfaction and consolidate loyalty for the future.

Identification and banking solutions made in Switzerland

With our digital onboarding and identification solutions, we offer banks a range of secure, fast and fully automated new cus­tomer registration and identification solutions. Combined with electronic signatures, new customers can complete the process entirely online and start using the bank’s services immediately. In Switzerland, our AI-powered online identification service is already used by more than 20 leading banks. Like other solutions from ti&m, all of our identification solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the existing environment such as the CRM and core banking software. Customer data can thus be transmitted directly to the customer systems to automatically perform a duplicate check before account opening is completed. In addition to fully automated online identification, we also offer an alternative solution in the form of video identification, in which the documents and the identity of the new customer are identified by a real person via video call. ti&m’s identification solutions meet all regulatory requirements and can be hosted locally in data centers in Singapore and Switzerland or entirely in the cloud – ti&m is a partner of the three major cloud providers.

Bank customers now have high expecta­tions of their bank and their e-banking functions. Self-service options, secure and fast communication channels, and intuitive, mobile-friendly interfaces have long been standard. With the emergence of open ecosystems, new technological challenges await established banks, and the potential for improved advisory and automation processes is far from exhausted. To meet the growing and changing requirements, banking solutions such as the ti&m digital banking suite are needed, with open and modular architecture which allows new modules and func­tions to be integrated into the front end with a fast time-to-market.

Together with our onboarding and identification solutions, we thus offer banks future-proof, modular product suites for a seamless, digital banking experience. As in Switzerland, our customers in Singapore appreciate the high quality of our interdisciplinary teams, who integrate our products and solutions end-to-end and are responsible for projects as full-service technology partners.  

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