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The energy and financial crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine, the shakeout in the crypto market, and inflation have somewhat changed the rules of play for banking. Startups that only recently were setting the direction for the market’s movement are now struggling with dwindling investor funds. And established institutions are suddenly finding themselves back in the driving seat. Read about how banks are responding to technological challenges such as open banking, automation via artificial intelligence, ways of applying big data, and new core banking systems in the new special on digital banking.

How data is changing the future of banking

Swiss banks collect and hold huge amounts of usable data, and many are already successfully applying big data and AI in various business cases. The potential to optimize data use through a data-driven banking strategy is enormous, especially for smaller banks. This is because even small projects can achieve clear added value in this manner. Read more here.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand, IFZ

Vertical integration thanks to modular neo-core banking systems

The current core banking systems at most Swiss retail banks are monolithic systems, and changes entail major risks and expenses. Could modern neo-core banking systems be the answer? Read more here

Fabian Braunwalder, ti&m

Why SIX’s bLink is becoming the leading Swiss open-finance platform

Sooner or later, the advent of open banking won’t be a question of “whether” but rather “how?” – here at ti&m too. With bLink, SIX offers Swiss banks and fintech companies a common platform they can use to connect with each other in a standardized, scalable, and secure way. Luzerner Kantonalbank has taken the plunge with its integration partner and connected its interfaces to the platform.

Mike Hofmann, SIX
Thimo Schinagl, ti&m

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Fabian Braunwalder

Head of Products & Banking Innovations

Fabian Braunwalder

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