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04. March 2021
Data and networking: both a necessity and a choice

Data // Demand for an efficient and innovative use of data is growing steadily. Users’ desire for networked ecosystems often poses an dditional challenge for companies. A sustainable data strategy is the central building block of a company’s success in the medium term.

25. February 2021
“When it comes to digitalization, Switzerland’s insurance sector has some catching up to do”

Insurance // Yves Krismer, Head of Consumer Goods and Services at the broker Kessler, sees the digital transformation as an opportunity for the company. Even though new players are disrupting the sector, trust and local roots remain key for corporate customers.

17. February 2021
The digitalized organization: a holistic approach

Strategy // Should a friendly handshake go digital too at an entirely digitalized company? The coronavirus has shown just how out of the blue companies can be faced with completely unprecedented challenges. Lots of processes are digitalized, but are they also supported by the people who work there?

10. February 2021
Transformation as an ongoing investment

Best Practice // Change, agile, cloud, digital transformation — these are no doubt among the most popular buzzwords of the moment, and describe our inherent desire for change, combined with our great hope for improvement. These buzzwords are often followed in the same breath by somewhat anxiety-provoking terms like disruption, open banking, fintech, neobanks, challengers, and so on. With this tension between hope and trepidation, what is the best way forward?

03. February 2021
Successful digitalization requires holistic strategies: Consulting @ti&m

Consulting // Digitalization is a comprehensive subject and must be addressed accordingly — that’s a truth that everyone is aware of. A digitalization strategy, therefore, must encompass all areas of a company area. For consultancy firms like ti&m, long-term success thus demands more than “just” supplying innovative technologies.