26. October 2020

Consulting @ti&m – coming to grips with changing technology


Consulting // The new “Research and Digital Transformation” division at ti&m has been offering consultancy services for technology and process innovation for the last year and a half.

ti&m’s absolute strength lies in software engineering. We create major competitive advantages for our customers using modern and technologically superior systems. Even so, the ever increas­ing rate of technological change requires us to devote a lot of energy to evaluating new technological trends so that we can keep pace. At the same time, new technologies are altering the lifestyle and requirements of our customers’ customers. Here too, it is important for ti&m to anticipate upcoming changes and develop innovative product ideas.

ti&m Research & Digital Transformation consolidates this know-ledge of technology research and strategic use of technology, and makes it available to ti&m’s customers. The consulting unit, created at the beginning of 2019, brings together technology know­how and expertise in consultation methodology with sec-tor knowledge, particularly in the fields of banking and insurance.

The combination of broad­based engineering knowledge, which our consulting team can rely on, and the technical and method-ological expertise of our consultants enables us to offer a unique approach to consultancy. We don’t just talk about new trends, we are fluent in them – we understand their impact on our cus tomers’ business and are therefore in a position to provide  expertly tailored solutions to address their particular concerns. We are on hand for our customers throughout their digital trans-formation, whatever their needs. This is not limited to changes caused directly by new technologies, but includes the entire spectrum – from evaluation of technologies, to realignment of company architecture and IT processes, to change processes for individual employees as a result of new technologies. Our con-sultancy projects include:

1. Development of strategies for optimal exploitation of technological change for long-term company success.
2. Evaluation of new technologies for use in our customers’ business, support in deriving new business models, and implementation of MVPs in the “ti&m garage”.
3. Review of IT organizations and IT application landscape, as well as drawing up actions to equip IT for the challenges of digital transformation.
4. Drawing up process models, governance, and guidance for the use of new technologies.
5. Support for change processes in organizations, whether through the introduction of new equipment or a switch to agile working methods.

Research & Digital Transformation is active in every sector. Al­though the focus of our work is in the field of banking and insur­ance, we have also successfully implemented projects in other sectors such as gastronomy and plant engineering as well as for public authorities and associations. 
Alongside ti&m’s technology know­how and the subject expertise of our consultants, we also make use of research collaborations with universities and other institutions, such as the Institute of Financial Services at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Versicherungsforen Leipzig, and FHS St. Gallen Univer-sity of Applied Sciences. Together with our research partners, we author studies (see box), give talks at symposiums, and publish the results of our work in specialist media.

The broad mix of skills in the consulting team at ti&m means that they work quickly and with focus. Our concepts and solutions have a methodological basis and use state-of-the-art technology – and they work, because we know which technology trends are suitable for implementation, and which are (for now) just hype.

Research & Digital Transformation currently has over 30 emp-loyees assigned to projects. The plan is for the unit to continue growing the customer base, with a view to having more than 50 employees in two years’ time. The range of consulting services means ti&m can offer its customers even more support for their digital transformation – and help them come to grips with chang- ing technology. 

Dr. Holger Rommel
Dr. Holger Rommel

Dr. Holger Rommel joined ti&m as Head Reseach and Digital Transformation in January 2019. In addition to technology consulting, his work also focuses on the organizational and strategic aspects of digital transformation.