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The monthly coding challenge for IT students in Switzerland

The ti&m Coding Challenge starts in March 2024, exclusively for current students in Switzerland. From March to July, a new exciting task awaits you every month: from number searches to a graph challenge with Dijkstra to a CSS, HTML Quest. Use your skills, solve the puzzles and win cool prizes every month. And that’s not all – there’s a super grand prize at the end!

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How it works

To take part in the challenge, you simply have to solve the new coding challenge on our website every month. The tasks will be published at the beginning of the month; you have until the end of the month to submit your solutions.

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#4 Challenge: Security Challenge

This month, it’s all about security. And we have a special secure code review challenge for you. Being able to read the source code and improve the security of an application is crucial. Are there logic errors, security gaps or vulnerabilities? Let’s see if you can find out where the weak points are and how you would fix them.

Submit your answers and, with a bit of luck, you could win one of two 8GB Raspberry Pi 5s! 

Your questions:

1) Which line would stand out in a code review (a common vulnerability in database access)? 

2) What would a hacker enter to enable them to read all the user names from the database? 

1. True’ or ‘1=1
2. ‘True’ or ‘1=1
3. True’ and ‘1=1

3) What is fundamentally wrong with the implementation? 

1. A different java.util.Scanner method needs to be used. 
2. The prepared statement is incorrectly used. 
3. executeQuery requires one or more parameters.

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Take part and win great prizes! The competition is open to students in Switzerland. The winners will be drawn from the correct answers at the end of each month. By the way, here are the conditions of participation.

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