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Migrate applications to the cloud successfully

Cost efficiency, scalability, security, data analysis, and leveraging AI – there are many reasons for migrating to the cloud. Are you considering moving your applications to the cloud, or perhaps you’ve already started? Our white paper on cloud migration provides a condensed overview of all it takes to successfully shift to the cloud.

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Find out how to migrate applications to the cloud in six steps and what you need to bear in mind.

The right hyperscaler for your cloud migration: Microsoft, Google, or AWS?

Choosing the right hyperscaler is a crucial decision for your company and one that is difficult to reverse at a later date. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google offer very similar solutions, but they differ in terms of individual specializations and service maturity, which could influence your decision. In our white paper, we take a closer look at the options and highlight their advantages and disadvantages.

The three approaches to migration

Get an overview of the applications that need to be migrated and determine the right migration approach and priority level for each application. Using a mix of different approaches is often the key to success.

· Tactical (lift and shift): 1:1 transfer from on-premises to the cloud
· Strategic (move and improve): Focus on technical optimization
· Transformational: Redesign processes and business models

Migrate applications to the cloud in six steps: The Migration Factory

The Migration Factory is a structured, repeatable six-step process that is designed to rapidly migrate large quantities of systems and applications to the cloud, ensuring high quality and minimal impact on your business. Its key elements are its methodology, suitable automation tools, and creating expert teams. Our white paper addresses all six steps in detail and guides you through the process.

Download our free white paper «Cloud Migration» now!

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Download the «Cloud Migration» white paper now!
Norwin Metzger

Head of API Management & CI/CD

Norwin Metzger

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