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“Mind the Gap” Gapless Security

Cyber security is the pivotal element of any successful digitalization strategy. It’s high time, then, that we get to grips with every aspect of IT security in our new special: What are the biggest risks right now? How can companies respond? And what authentication solutions are there to protect our data?

Full Speed Ahead

Swiss federal government // On January 30th, 2019, the Swiss Federal Council passed a resolution to create the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This was established based on existing structures, but had to rapidly develop new services and determine its own form as an organization. Manuel Suter, NCSC

“We are relieved that the e-ID Act was rejected”

Interview // Police Measures Act, e-ID Act, e-voting: The Chaos Computer Club has repeatedly weighed into important political debates when it considers the right to privacy and freedom of information to be under threat. We spoke to Board Member Hernâni Marques about the political situation and the status of cyber security in Switzerland. Hernâni Marques, CCC-CH

AI as both a Line of Defense and a New Threat

Artificial intelligence // Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular tool for the early detection of risks and to combat threats. Systems such as anomaly detection and behavioral biometrics proactively identify potential attacks or risks and can also be used to fight back against social engineering. But it’s not just the defenders who turn to AI; attackers aren’t shy about using the technology either. Pascal Wyss & Björn Sörensen, ti&m

The Cloud: Blessing or Curse? It’s a Matter of Perspective

Cloud security // Short go-to-market cycles, start-up and shutdown at the click of a mouse, scaling in all directions and pay as you go: the list of advantages of using the cloud is compelling, isn't it? Christoph Schulthess, United Security Providers

The Digital Identity Card

Self-sovereign identity // Today, we already shop and procure the majority of services online, while other areas, such as healthcare services, are increasingly becoming digitalized. As the world becomes more digital, so must our understanding of identity. Together with Lissi, ti&m is exploring new solutions for a digital identity that offer self-sovereignty for the user, and can be applied in various ecosystems. Adrian Doerk, Main Incubator GmbH

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