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A recent case study from Forrester Principal Analyst David Mooter highlights the new technology architecture of VP Bank, an international private bank, and the flexibility it gained as a result of this change. The case study outlines how the bank decided to build a forward-thinking event-driven architecture to renew some of its business solutions, resulting in an improved customer experience and greater efficiency for its employees.

ti&m is pleased to have been mentioned in the recent case study published by Forrester outlining the progressive solution architecture of the private VP Bank, whose new relationship management system has recently been migrated to a new custom-built platform. The ti&m banking adapter played a supporting role in the solution, as it was chosen to connect the new platform to the core banking system.

In the case study, Principal Analyst David Mooter outlines how the bank was struggling with its existing technology architecture being dictated by proprietary solutions and siloed information. When it decided to replace its relationship management software, the bank also took the opportunity to transform its information architecture to an event-driven model incorporating domain-driven modelling and design. The banking adapter helped it to achieve this by extrapolating the information from the core banking system and delivering it to the business applications via domain-specific Kafka events. The solution provides greater cohesion between the bank’s applications. VP Bank was able to break open its technology silos, thus improving business flexibility and reducing time-to-market for new banking solutions.

The ti&m banking adapter is now an integral part of the integration landscape of the new VP Bank architecture. Development teams no longer require deep knowledge of the data models of numerous systems. The business domain model reflected in the APIs and events provides architects and developers with a single cohesive model that truly reflects VP Bank’s business needs. In the event of new requirements, the developers can expand the domain model with new functionalities, without compromising ti&m banking adapter’s off-the-shelf features. 

You can read Forrester’s case study “VP Bank: Using domain-driven integration and event-driven architecture to accelerate innovation” at this link (only accessible through login and with purchase) or get in touch with ti&m’s Daniel Ott for further information.


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