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Linking the bexio accounting software to the bank’s e-banking system makes it possible, firstly, to provide information such as transactions and account balances and secondly, bexio can also transmit payment orders directly in its system for the account at the bank. This results in an ongoing and automatic exchange of information between the systems.

In order to connect to the bank as an end customer, the end customer starts the process using their bexio account and is taken directly from there to the bank’s login page via the bLink platform. The customer logs in and sets their consent preferences, which are stored in consent management. The data from the shared accounts is then synchronized automatically. Account access and payments can thus be handled directly from the bexio interface. The customer can add or remove accounts and manage access rights at any time in consent management.

The ti&m banking suite uses APIs on a systematic basis to drive an open platform where new solutions can be offered on a software-as-a-service basis, partner offerings can be integrated, and the bank’s services can be connected to entire ecosystems. We are also planning to make multibanking features an option in the future. This will give customers a central overview of their accounts and portfolios from other banks in their e-banking portal and allow them to initiate transactions.

As a technology partner, ti&m takes care of integrating the bank’s core banking system with SIX’s standardized bLink API platform. The two environments are connected by the ti&m banking adapter, so the required data is extracted from the bank’s core banking system and the incoming data is integrated. The standardized integration with the ti&m banking adapter enables a short time to market, because there’s no need to offer new outward-facing interfaces from the core banking system.

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Expand your digital ecosystem with the standardized open banking integrations from ti&m and SIX. Find out more about open banking options with ti&m here.

Thimo Schinagl

Product Manager

Thimo Schinagl

We would be happy to support you with your open banking strategy.