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CRB publishes various construction standards, which have been developed and refined by industry experts over a period of decades. Unfortunately, many of these standards are not available in a standardized, digitalized format, which would offer significant added value for CAD providers and other operators in the construction sector.

Our solutions

AI model

for standardization of various construction standards


for visualization and manual processing of digital construction standards

Technical implementation

of the software as a microservice application


On-premise hosting on Openshift

Project implementation

This project uses AI to help standardize and store construction standards in a structured format.
It involves analysis of the text of the standards using NLP/NLU and their subdivision into individual attributes. A web application is used to visualize the standardization recommendations for industry experts, whose feedback is used as the basis for further refinement of the AI.

Our approach

A basic understanding of the business and its data was established through several workshops with CRB industry experts, led by ti&m UX Coaches. The resulting findings formed part of the iterative development of the PoC (Proof of Concept). Main components: Appropriate data model for the digital construction standard, development of a suitable AI model. Conversion of the PoC into a productive application with a user interface. On-premise hosting and further workshops to integrate additional construction standards.

Shared goals

Automated standardization and digitalization of a valuable analog dataset using AI. Development of a data model for storing complex data objects from different construction standards. Replacement of Excel-based datasets with the help of a modern, full-stack application.




The construction standards, which have been expanded over the decades, have a heterogeneous structure due to the large number of industry experts and the time period concerned.



The semantic nuances in the construction standard texts are highly domain-specific.



The digitalization and standardization of the construction standards are part of a strategic digital transformation and must be integrated into this process.

Pascal Wyss

Head of AI & Automation

Pascal Wyss

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