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A pot for everything. Controlled with an app.

Melting chocolate precisely at 42 degrees, cooking sous-vide beef tenderloin at 57 degrees, or frying fries at 160 degrees: Wired Cooking has developed a cooking pot that prepares (almost) all dishes perfectly. The smart cooker operates without a stove and is controlled via an app developed by ti&m.

Bronze at Best of Swiss Apps

The Wired Cooker is our latest IoT innovation: the intelligent cooking pot is controlled by an app and can prepare dishes to the nearest degree Celsius. It won bronze in the “Design” category at Best of Swiss Apps 2023.


Smart cooking – less is more.

Special dishes require special appliances, and so, in the kitchen, a deep fryer, a steamer, a fondue pot, or a rice cooker quickly accumulate devices that are not used very often. The Wired Cooker not only replaces all these appliances but also allows you to program and execute entire cooking processes optimally. For example, on the first day, it cooks the perfect sushi rice and transforms the leftovers into authentic fried rice the next day.

The app: complex processes in an intuitive interface

The Wired Cooker is controlled through a mobile app. The time and temperature of different cooking processes can be saved and played as programs in the app. This provides the user with a simple guide for complex, multi-step procedures. For example, one can program to sauté vegetables for five minutes, then add broth and simmer for three minutes, and finally, let it steep at 80 degrees for 15 minutes. The app indicates when each ingredient needs to be added, while the Wired Cooker automatically sets the correct temperature. This way, time and temperature do not need to be constantly monitored.

The pot: Three sensors for perfect dishes.

Three temperature sensors – one at the bottom, and one each at the top and bottom of the inner wall of the pot – measure bottom, steam, and product temperature. Optionally, a fourth sensor can be used to precisely control the cooking temperature directly within the food. The high-quality stainless steel pot is dishwasher-safe and does not require a stove plate.

Perfect dishes

Through the app, the cooking temperature in the Wired Cooker can be perfectly controlled, accurate to the degree, when using the water bath method. Certain cooking processes, such as caramelizing sugar or melting chocolate, need to be carried out with almost precise temperature control. Caramel can become bitter if the process is not interrupted in time, and chocolate can turn gray when overheated. Additionally, for vacuum-sealed meat prepared using the sous-vide method, the water temperature must be exactly 57 degrees Celsius to trigger an enzymatic digestion process that perfectly cooks the food. Cooking programs for many recipes can be downloaded from the Wired Cooking website or individually programmed and customized.

Software meets hardware

The connection of software and hardware is routine for our IoT team. What's unique about the Wired Cooker is that the app was developed simultaneously with the hardware, including the controller and the cooking pot. This required continuous coordination between the app's development and the hardware's development. To ensure a short time-to-market, the cross-platform app was built using the Flutter framework for Android and iOS. The app communicates with the pot's controller via a Bluetooth interface and functions fully offline as well. ti&m was responsible for branding, design, and UX/UI and implemented the app using an agile methodology.

“The project was challenging because the development of the app had to be coordinated with the development of the controller by ti&m. They provided us with a highly capable and efficient developer with whom we could communicate directly, without the need for a product owner, which streamlined the collaboration. Additionally, ti&m was able to flexibly provide us with other suitable team members as needed. It’s precisely this agility that is required for such a project.”

– Dirk Uhlenhaut, Wired Cooking

Domenico  Papaccio

Head of Native & Crossplatform Apps

Domenico Papaccio

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