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A sudden crisis demands a quick solution. In order to successfully navigate the tense supply situation affecting electricity and gas, the Federal Council and the Federal Administration needed to create an information platform that would pool all the information on current energy supply using various key figures and clear visuals. This ensures that companies, journalists, and interested citizens are kept up-to-date with the latest information, and equips the federal government with a tool that can be used for making energy policy decisions thanks to the high quality of data.

Bronze at Best of Swiss Web

The energy dashboard we developed for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy against the backdrop of a possible energy crisis in the fall of 2022 in just a few weeks took bronze at Best of Swiss Web.

“The Energy Dashboard increases transparency on energy supply and thus fulfills a public interest.”

– Dr. Matthias Galus, Project Manager, Swiss Federal Office of Energy


Reduced complexity through user-friendly user experience and data visualizations

The data is visualized and described in detail, so the complex relationships are explained in a simple, clear way. High value was attached to the user experience, reflected in the straightforward information architecture, modern design, and clear visualizations. Thanks to this clear presentation of important key figures on electricity, gas, weather, and prices, we now have an official access to the current supply situation in Switzerland that is also simple and user-friendly.

A variety of data sources with high data quality

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy obtains, consolidates, and corroborates data from various sources of public and private as well as national and international institutions and energy suppliers. This source data is processed by the SFOE and then made publicly and transparently available by Open Government Data. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy uses artificial intelligence to fill any data gaps, for example in electricity consumption, using models.


Rapid implementation a must

Teaming up with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the project was driven forward in regular, joint workshops and using an agile approach. As the project continued to expand, new requirements of different stakeholders were continuously integrated into delivery. After less than two months, the first release was ready to go into production. ti&m also took the lead on all sub-sectors — conception, business analysis, architecture, design, development, application management, building a cloud environment, deployment and operation — for the energy dashboard.

Added value for the Confederation and the public

The project achieved its objectives — to visualize the available data clearly and comprehensibly, update it daily, and present it in a modern, user-friendly and interactive way for different target groups — under great time pressure. Initial reports are very encouraging: In the first two weeks alone, the website was visited by more than 100,000 users, and the solution met with a positive response from society, politics, and the media.

Magdalena Koj

Head of eGovernment

Magdalena Koj

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