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The progressive web app allows military personnel to use the QR code printed on their marching order to request leave for upcoming refresher courses direct from their commanders and to upload documents. It gives commanding officers access to an admin cockpit, allowing them to manage, verify, and authorize/reject any request received.


Our solution
The solution was developed in collaboration with the army’s commando training project manager, recorded in stories and implemented within 2 months. The solution has been in productive operation since the start of 2021 and is being maintained and further developed by ti&m.

Agile implementation

A digital product accessed through a progressive web app (PWA) was required to be made available to conscripted soldiers, i.e. refresher-course troops at all grades, within 10 weeks, replacing the familiar analog Leave Request form, which dated back several decades. The task was delivered through an agile sprint PILOT project.

Requesting leave

The aim was for applicants to be able to use their mobile devices to submit digital leave requests to their commanding officers quickly and easily.

Process and operation

Commanders use a backend dashboard to check, authorize, reject, or refuse requests within seconds. This gives them access to all the necessary data. Commanding officers are also informed about whether applicants play a key role within the company or battalion (e.g. cook, depot warrant officer, etc.) and whether their absence could lead to organizational difficulties.



Workload optimization

The administration associated with completing analog leave requests, which previously took 10-15 mins for both submitting and receiving personnel, has now been reduced to seconds.


March orders

Four months after the app rollout, over 75,000 march orders with QR access codes in three languages have been issued to troops. (As of September 2021)



The previous analog Leave Request form was digitized and made available to soldiers (certificate renewal for conscripted soldiers) within 10 weeks.

Magdalena Koj

Head of eGovernment

Magdalena Koj

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