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In cooperation with ti&m, migrolino has developed an app for the company's 10th anniversary that surprises customers every week with attractive discount coupons. ti&m accompanied the project from the initial idea, through the concept and implementation in the design, to the development of the app (native), the back-end (Firebase) and the CMS (JS). The project was realized in only 3 months.

Arouse emotions

Animations on the welcome pages of the app arouse the curiosity of the user, explain the most important features of the app and help to minimize the bounce (exit) rate.

Logins can be fun

The carrot - the mascot of the app created by ti&m - makes the normally boring registration fun with its facial expressions.


Useful microinteractions support the user guidance and awaken the joy of the app.

Shortcuts – the fastest way to your destination

Push notifications allow the user to directly access new coupons and support the main action of the app - redeeming coupons.

Collect and Find

To make sure that the user can quickly find the nearest migrolino shop, a shop finder has been integrated. In addition, the app allows a connection to the Cumulus Bonus Program of the Migros Group.

Analytics und CMS

Das eingearbeitete Analytics-Tool hilft migrolino gezielt ihre Angebote anzupassen und die Kundenzufriedenheit zu steigern. Unser Content-Management System ermöglicht es mit maximaler Freiheit den Inhalt der App zu gestalten. Ausserdem kann exakt gesteuert werden, wann Coupons zur Verfügung stehen und Push-Notifications gesendet werden.

Celebrate with us!

Awarded by Best of Swiss Apps and Digital Economy Award. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store now! Happy birthday, migrolino!

Marco  Zimmerli

Head of Digital Design

Marco Zimmerli

Fragen zum Projekt?
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