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Instant access to local resources with the resource finder app

Organizations use GeoConnect to make resources easier to find for their employees and customers. Thanks to augmented reality, the app helps users find and identify resources.

Search and identify with GeoConnect

Search: Organizations can upload the locations of fire hydrants, TOI TOIs or fire extinguishers and users can find them quickly, thanks to the connection to Google Maps and other map services. This is particularly useful if the data is not freely available by default on platforms such as Google Maps.

Identify: Users can scan fire hydrants and other resources using a camera and receive data on their location and other information. In the case of hydrants, for example, this includes information about the connections and required hose lengths. Users can rectify incorrect information and enter new information directly in the app.

Simple location, thanks to filter function and augmented reality

Various filter options, such as distance or availability, allow users to narrow down their search. GeoConnect integrates dynamic maps and GPS technology and provides precise information in real time.

This makes it easy to find objects that are hidden or overgrown, in poor lighting conditions or in confusing environments.

Augmented reality increases usability: A smartphone or tablet camera is used to display the location and all data on the object being searched for. This allows objects to be located with pinpoint accuracy, even in unknown locations.

The advantages of our solution


Find locations

GeoConnect helps users to find registered locations of listed resources and displays all relevant information about the object.


Object found?

Thanks to augmented reality, users can scan objects and get data on their exact location and other information.


For all industries

The solution is flexible and scalable. We design the app according to your requirements – you get your own custom app.


Augmented reality and filters

Various filter options help with the search, while augmented reality helps to identify found objects.

Incredibly user-friendly

Because searching is already complicated enough

GeoConnect’s simple UX even enables less tech-savvy users to quickly access the relevant information.


Data-driven insights

GeoConnect provides data to analyze the use of the stored objects. Decisions on the optimization and expansion of resources can be made based on this data.

Online and offline

No signal? No problem!

The app can also be used without an Internet connection.

Integration option

Straightforward integration

The app can be easily integrated into existing systems and platforms, allowing organizations to design and expand their services more efficiently.

Development time

Short development time and fast implementation

Off the shelf, yet highly customized: your app will be ready for you in no time!

Success story

Fire hydrant finder app for the Canton of Zürich property insurers

In a fire, every second counts, especially when you need to locate the nearest fire hydrant. To assist firefighters, we have joined forces with the building insurer GVZ Gebäudeversicherung Kanton Zürich to develop Switzerland’s first-ever hydrant finder app. It shows smartphone or tablet users the location of the nearest hydrant, the types of connector, and the number of hose lengths needed. This is made possible by augmented reality.

Read full case study

Could this be something for you?

Our solution is versatile. It can help in situations where specific resources need to be found quickly and accurately and cannot be located in existing map apps, etc.

Public safety

Locating facilities for public safety.

Public services

Location and planning of facilities, such as parking spaces, public toilets, bicycle pumping stations or charging stations for electric vehicles.

Medical facilities

Location of medical facilities and emergency equipment, such as defibrillators.

Real estate and facility management

Location of maintenance requests for buildings and facilities.

Marius Matter

CTO, Head Agile Projects Zurich

Marius Matter

Do you have any questions about our solution or would you like to find out more about the project costs and the implementation process? We look forward to hearing from you!