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Large language models – how banks can use AI

Your company has huge amounts of data at its disposal: data from customer communications such as phone calls, chats, and emails, plus internal data from documents stored on your intranet and servers or in other databases. With AI, or – more precisely – a personalized AI assistant, this company-specific data can be combined with the power and intelligence of ChatGPT to develop a chatbot for your employees and customers. Used correctly, AI can provide a decisive advantage in the banking industry by improving efficiency.

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LLMs – the foundation of language-based AI systems

ChatGPT is based on GPT-4, a large language model, otherwise known as an LLM. LLMs are powerful tools that can process images, videos, and audio files in addition to text. They are trained on large datasets using machine learning. This gives them a broad knowledge covering a wide variety of areas. They can answer questions, write creative texts, or generate – in short, they can help in numerous different ways.

AI projects in banking and finance: Easier to implement than ever before!

In the past, machine learning and AI projects have often been challenging and required a lot of effort, particularly in banking. But now LLMs are opening up a completely new approach. Specialists in developing AI solutions can now use existing LLMs to create AI solutions for banks. This streamlines the process, making it comparatively inexpensive.

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AI glossary: 10 terms you should know

1. Machine learning
2. Natural language processing/natural language understanding
3. Deep learning
4. (Self-)supervised learning
5. Unsupervised learning
6. Reinforcement learning
7. Zero-shot learning
8. Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG)
9. Generative AI
10. AI ethics

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Read the white paper: AI in Banking and Finance

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Ursin Brunner

Head of Machine Learning

Ursin Brunner

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