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Modern Workplace Management for Microsoft Teams

The hybrid workplace is on the rise. While workspaces used to be fixed, almost like a second home, many employees today have set up a functional workspace at home. The only reason to go to the office is for meetings and specific project days. For organizations with a hybrid workplace model, it’s especially important that employees have the security of being able to reserve a workspace in advance. Studies show that it is not the fixed workspace itself that provides a feeling of security, but the employee’s ability to determine where and when they work. An intelligent workplace management system such as ti&m places offers you the flexibility to manage office utilization and capacity across your entire organization and to increase or reduce it as required.

Discover the most modern digital workplace

ti&m Places

The ideal setup for a digital workplace

With ti&m places, employees can easily book their desk and find everything they need: meeting rooms, coffee, printer, work colleagues, parking spaces, and vehicles – even if they have been away from the office for a while.

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Intuitive workplace management for admins and employees

Simple booking process within Microsoft Teams ti&m places is integrated into Microsoft Teams, making it extremely easy for employees to access and book workspaces. Book a desk with just 2 clicks Employees can choose a desk from a plan or a list, reserve it and view upcoming bookings.

Save on costs with efficient workspace planning

Admins can keep track of usage and capacity. Monitor office usage, manage and adjust capacity. Save on real-estate costs by specifying available capacity and reducing your office space accordingly.

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365

Native Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 app. From SSO to cross‑functional integration between Exchange, Outlook and Teams, we are fully networked with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. places is accessed through Microsoft Teams, so you don't need to download a new app or set up a new login.

Simple UX for your employees

thanks to the Microsoft Teams integration

Book a desk from any device in just two clicks.

Employees can find everything they need on ti&m places: their workspace, coffee, and colleagues

View and manage all bookings at a glance.

The ideal hybrid workplace for your company

Design your digital workplace solution

Reduce or increase office capacity according to your requirements

Monitor office utilization and use the data to save on real estate costs

Implement your home office strategy easily and transparently

Discover the features of the digital workplace

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