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Our experts in IoT applications will work with you to find the right solution. We focus on the needs of your business as we design and implement custom-built, innovative IoT solutions based on modern technologies – from electronic prototyping to full-scale application. We ensure scalability and offer cloud solutions with the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud IoT platforms where required.

Recognizing and understanding opportunities

We will introduce you to the IoT way of thinking and show you how these approaches can be applied in a training course or a kickstart workshop.

Identifying possibilities and defining goals

We consult with you on the analysis of the areas of application, identify the best technology, and devise an IoT strategy specifically tailored to your company.

Implementing IoT solutions

We create your IoT solutions based on the technology that’s right for you and meets your defined requirements.

Scaling IoT solutions with the cloud

We integrate IoT cloud solutions and scale your applications to your requirements.

Maintenance and further development

We operate and further develop the tailor-made solution, ensuring maximum availability and reliability.



Automating and optimizing production

Logistics and retail

Predictive maintenance, supply chain

Smart city

Smarter living, greener cities


Medtech, smart wearables


VR and AR solutions, smart homes


Optimizing productivity, automating grid control


Why ti&m

ti&m offers the expertise, the team and the partners for successful IoT projects.


Competence through the development to the operation of IoT solutions


Talented and certified employees with hands-on experience


Faster thanks to well-​founded experience and ​proven methods of ​procedure


Emotional intelligence in the execution of our projects with our clients.

Lisa Kondratieva

Head of Mobile & IoT

Lisa Kondratieva

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