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CMS for demanding editors

Magnolia is an enterprise web content management system (CMS) developed in Switzerland. The CMS is designed to provide optimum content creation support for editors with its extensive set of tools and strict separation of authoring and publishing activities. Magnolia also offers an ecosystem of development tools and frameworks for the efficient implementation of any modern website, however complex.

Open source, with a warranty

With the Community Edition, Magnolia offers an open-source version to promote the greatest possible market penetration. This means that design errors are quickly picked up, and feedback is obtained from the community, enabling the product to be adapted to the needs of practice. However, we always work with Magnolia Enterprise CMS, which is an especially stable version of the Magnolia CMS. As a result, you benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty, with SLA-guaranteed upgrade paths. This significantly reduces project risk, avoids unnecessary platform upgrades, and protects your investment. Finally, the Magnolia Enterprise CMS entails significantly lower total costs of ownership compared to pure open-source solutions such as Drupal or TYPO3.

Platform as a service with Magnolia Cloud CMS

With Magnolia Cloud, the manufacturer offers a preconfigured cloud infrastructure, including continuous integration and delivery. On the one hand, this significantly reduces the initial project life span; on the other, you save money on maintenance due to standardized upgrades and dispensing with the need for optimization analyses. Magnolia Cloud enables you to further reduce the TCO for your digital communication channel and achieve a shorter time to market. We would be delighted to help you choose the ideal operating model for your business.