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The company that used to provide its finance portal was completely revising its solution, so VZ made the decision to work with a new partner to upgrade its existing finance portal as well. The goal was a modern, user-friendly platform that was ready for the future and would allow VZ Depotbank to respond to changes in the market and customer requirements at short notice. This finance portal would offer users real added value by making the entire range of VZ’s versatile products and services available in the digital space. VZ Depotbank wasn’t looking to purchase a standard solution – it wanted to team up with a technology partner to develop a solution that reflected its unique character.

Our customer VZ Depotbank is one of the most digitalized banks in Switzerland!

Thanks to ti&m Banking and ti&m Trading, VZ ranks third in the 2023 Digitalization Ranking of the Institute for Financial Services (IFZ) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU)!

Project implementation

The new finance portal was developed using agile methods. Thanks to regular deployments every two weeks, any bugs that came up were fixed on an ongoing basis. The shared JIRA/Confluence communication platform, regular meetings, and ad-hoc sessions for any issues paved the way for efficient communication between everyone involved. Tania Federspiel, Head of Business Development at VZ Depotbank: “It was impressive to see the speed and flexibility that ti&m put into moving the project forward. Their specialists react to any issues really quickly and always find a suitable solution. The project was completed slightly behind schedule in the end. But given its complexity, size, and the many partners involved, we are really satisfied that we were able to get a project like this done in such a short space of time.”

The modular, tried-and-tested ti&m Banking – a technological toolkit

The ti&m Banking provides the foundation for the new finance portal. This makes it possible to integrate finished modules quickly into the new portal solution. And thanks to its open architecture, third-party services can be easily and seamlessly embedded in the existing environment. Our approach decouples the core banking system from the frontend, making it easier to implement new modules in the future and creating the conditions for an open banking ecosystem.

Customer benefits and highlights

In the new VZ finance portal, customers can now manage and monitor all their finances, investments, mortgages, insurance policies, and retirement funds or securely store their will, marriage agreement, tax documents, purchase contracts, receipts, passwords, and personal images in the digital safe. The dashboard and mobile app stand out for their usability, featuring a clear and appealing design. The portal has an intuitive layout that’s easy for users to navigate.

“For our employees, the highlight is the workbench. It lets them take on the bank customer’s role and use the e-banking services from their perspective. This makes it much easier to understand our customers’ problems and offer them the right solution.”

– Tania Federspiel, Head of Business Development at VZ Depotbank


Time line

The solution had to go live within a year so that the existing solution could be replaced within the deadline.


Software partner Finnova worked in parallel to the project to deliver a new platform


Interfaces to the core banking system and the integration of components from a third party in the portal

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Daniel Ott

Head of Banking Strategy & Senior Advisor

Daniel Ott

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