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Secure, unchangeable and encrypted

Confidential conversations are an important part of a case for lawyers, hospitals or insurers. But in order to be able to use them, they must be recorded, summarized and passed on in a highly secure manner. Our solution for secure conversation recording eliminates a large part of the associated administrative work and allows you to focus on your core business. 

The advantages of our solution


Highly secure and unalterable storage

Maximum security and immutability of the recorded data are guaranteed.


Transcribing and summarizing

Advanced transcription and summarization functions for greater efficiency.

Data transmission

Sharing of encrypted data

Our solution offers the option of transferring encrypted data to third parties without jeopardizing security.

Access management

Manage access securely

Our solution enables precise access management. Users receive full or restricted access according to their role (e.g. expert, client, court, hospital).


Highly customizable

Of course, our solution can be adapted to your requirements and branding guidelines.

Development time

Developed for you within five months

Off the shelf and yet highly personalized. This means we can develop the solution for you in just five months.

Our reference: IV-Tonaufnahmen (Disability Insurance Recordings)

Read how the disability insurance offices meet their obligation for the recording, submission and storage of interviews.

Could this be something for you?

Our solution is ideal for companies that work with confidential data and need to record and store it securely. E.G:


Law firms & courts

Emergency Services


Protection authorities

Philip Dieringer

Philip Dieringer

Do you have any questions about our solution or would you like to find out more about the project costs and the implementation process? We look forward to hearing from you!