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The IV-Tonaufnahmen app implements the new legal obligation for the recording, submission and storage of interviews between DI experts and insured persons in a straightforward, consistent and efficient way. Interviews can be listened to for the purpose of creating reports and transferred directly to the DI system.

Maximum security

The recordings contain medical information, and thus highly sensitive data. Data transfer, storage, and access is protected by encryption and two-factor authentication. The authenticity of the data is guaranteed by adding it to the blockchain.

Implementation from a single source

Thanks to agile methodologies, ti&m realized the entire project – from conception to design and from implementation to second and third-level support – on a tight schedule. The solution is hosted in our certified data centers.

Partnership with United Security Providers

The security architecture uses the Secure Entry Server (SES) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) of our partner and security specialist, United Security Providers. A custom IAM solution was developed based on the SES: identities are managed in SES Identity, and access to the backend is protected by SES WAF and SES Login. United Security Providers supported us with the integration of its security components.


IV-Tonaufnahmen (DI Recordings)

How the disability insurance offices meet their obligation for the recording, submission and storage of interviews.


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