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Developing a road map for digitalizing the town of Uster

What should the town of Uster’s new website look like? Which services should residents and businesses be able to access online? And how should the whole project be implemented?

To answer these questions, the town of Uster commissioned us to develop a vision for a new web solution that meets the needs of its residents, local businesses, and the town’s administration. The new solution should also enable Uster residents and businesses to interact with the public administration digitally.


From vision to implementation concept

The digital transformation that the town of Uster wants to achieve can be broken down into two parts: the website and an online service desk that offers modern and user-friendly e-government services. The vision we developed outlines what an online service desk for the town of Uster might look like based on a concrete example – a resident requesting an extract from the debt collection register on their smartphone.

The implementation concept serves as a detailed road map and sets out how the town of Uster can realize its vision quickly and efficiently with affordable investment. We devoted particular attention to creating a sustainably designed architecture that will give the town the future scope to align itself with the overarching initiatives of the canton of Zurich, but also the freedom to develop its own optimizations.

“By developing the vision and implementation concept, ti&m has given us a concrete road map for implementing our digitalization strategy quickly and efficiently.”

– Lucas Nicolussi, Chief Digital Officer

Innovation through participation

Digitalization projects thrive on the participation of their end users. Uster’s overall goal is to be “a town for everyone.” In line with this mission statement, the project managers decided to involve Uster’s residents in the process of developing the vision. During the participatory project for, all the stakeholder groups in the town of Uster had the chance to voice their needs and wishes. They were able to discuss their requirements with regard to a new website and the e-service portal and evaluate proposals. The insights gained – over 30 ideas were submitted to the public ideas board – helped to develop a vision that has broad support from the local community. It became clear that the town’s residents have high expectations for service quality: they expect simple, efficient, and automated digital services, high data protection standards, and transparent information on the use of the data collected.

Magdalena Koj

Head of eGovernment

Magdalena Koj

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