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Make your energy figures accessible

Extensive information, combined with a clear structure and numerous visualizations, makes the Energy Dashboard an easily accessible information platform for both a broad user base and professionals. With the Energy Dashboard, you have an information platform that can be used beyond the immediate energy supply situation. New KPIs can be quickly integrated into the existing Energy Dashboard.

The advantages of our solution

Information & UX

High information content combined with a clear structure

Complex relationships are made user-friendly and understandable through clear visualizations and descriptions, with a focus on user experience and important key figures, such as electricity, gas, weather and prices.

Data diversity

Various data sources with high data quality

Data from various sources can be processed and made available using artificial intelligence to fill any data gaps with models – for example, in electricity consumption.


Highly customizable

As you would expect, our solution can be adapted to your requirements and branding guidelines.

Development time

Developed for you in the shortest possible time

Off the shelf and yet highly personalized. This means we can develop the solution for you in the shortest possible time.

Switzerland’s Energy Dashboard

With the energy crisis looming, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy was keen to establish an information platform within just a few months, with the aim of keeping the public informed about the current supply situation. The result is the Energy Dashboard. We were even awarded bronze at Best of Swiss Web.

Do you need a solution that processes data from different sources in an up-to-date and clear manner?

Our dashboard is ideal for the federal government, cantons, municipalities and state service providers!

Cantons and municipalities

Water and energy providers

Magdalena Koj

Magdalena Koj

Do you have any questions about our solution or would you like to find out more about the project costs and the implementation process? We look forward to hearing from you!