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Future-proof container management-platform for Zurich

Container-management platform // For the operation of modern applications, together with ti&m, the Organization and Information Technology Department of the City of Zurich (OIZ) has set up a container-management platform based on Google Anthos. Lead architect Reto Hirt talks to us about the hurdles, advantages, and changes brought about by the first Google Anthos project in Switzerland for the city of Zurich.

Reto Hirt - Jun 1, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Swiss digitalization solutions for the Singapore Financial Center

Singapore // With innovative solutions, our nearly 20 employees in Singapore are driving the digitalization of the financial industry in Asia. The shakeout in fintech and the crypto market should now be used by established banks to expand their wealth management with new, customer-friendly solutions.

Marc Bühler - May 24, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Countering uncertainties with domestic software development

Onshoring // No digitalization without foreign suppliers: From skilled workers, to hardware such as mobile phone antennas, to end devices, Switzerland is dependent on other countries. In view of the current political and economic situation, Switzerland would do well not to outsource digitalization projects and software development to foreign countries  but to work with Swiss partners.

Magdalena Koj - Apr 20, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

The holistic advisory solution from ti&m

ti&m advisory suite // There are several advisory solutions aimed at specific financial concerns. With the ti&m advisory suite, ti&m and twentysecond have devel­oped an advisory solution for retail banks that bundles all these concerns in one central platform. This allows advisors to holistically advise their customers, while offer­ing an attractive customer journey.

Noé Althaus - Apr 4, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Metaverse: Virtual reality or a digital dream?

Metaverse // A number of companies have launched their first metaverse projects in recent months, and ti&m is one of them: This year, the works of art at our annual art@work project weren’t just physically on display at the viewings but were also available to admire on a virtual tour using VR glasses in virtual reality. Besides this, we also created a non-fungible token (NFT) for every work that was purchased. And this made us curious to check in and see what other sectors are up to.

Joséphine Chamoulaud, Cécile Moser - Mar 28, 2023


Open Banking: New developments of the ti&m banking adapter

We are constantly developing our software solutions and adding new modules in close cooperation with our many banking customers. A major driver of this innovation is the regular interaction with the banking community to present our ideas and to gather the experiences and needs of our customers.

Peter Walser - Mar 21, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Collaboration between business and federal government strengthens cyber resilience

Cyber security // In addition to politico-economic stability, monitoring and fighting cyber threats are a key factor for a strong financial market. By setting up the Swiss Financial Sector Cyber Security Centre, the sector recently created its own competence center for cyber security matters. We met up for a conversation with its president, August Benz.

August Benz - Mar 14, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Vertical integration thanks to modular neo-core banking systems

Neo-core banking systems // Many banks are starting from a challenging situation as regards their technology. This is because shorter and shorter technology cycles, potential new competitors, and changing service structures have led to a wide range of initiatives and new digital offers in the Swiss financial sector.

Fabian Braunwalder - Mar 8, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

New banking with blockchain – are we there yet?

New Banking // Disruption, revolution, and tech giants as the new bankers – these buzzwords keep coming up in the conversation about new banking and blockchain in the world of finance. What has happened to this revolution? Is the dream still alive, or is it a bubble that’s about to burst? In this article, we share some insights and updates from the fintech scene.

Dr. Lidia Kurt, Domenic Kurt - Feb 8, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

An analysis on hybrid advisory solutions in retail banking

Hybrid advice // Customer advisory as a core business (still) differentiates Swiss banks from the standardized services and products of neobanks. Analyses conducted for our white paper show that retail banks will nevertheless increasingly have to deal with hybrid advisory solutions – i.e. the symbiosis of physical, holistic advice and self-service advice in standardized product sales and the right interaction between people and technology.

Stefan Rüesch - Jan 25, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Customer advisory services in the metaverse

Metaverse // A number of companies have taken their first steps into the metaverse in recent months. In the fall of 2022, digital asset bank Sygnum became the first Swiss bank to open a hub on Decentraland. We asked Prof. Andreas Dietrich about the relevance this topic has for banks here in Switzerland.

Andreas Dietrich - Jan 24, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Screen people efficiently using AI

Artificial intelligence // In collaboration with ti&m, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein developed a selflearning tool to automate the process of screening exposed persons. In addition to improved results, “Fit & Proper” has also resulted in a noticeable reduction in the workload of the FMA’s specialists.

Roger Guntli - Jan 23, 2023

Special, Digital Banking

Neo Cores vs. Legacy Cores: What lies ahead?

Neo Cores // New providers are entering the market with new core banking solutions and challenging the established market leaders. We interviewed three core banking providers and our banking experts from ti&m to talk about the future of core banking systems.

David Müller, Daniel Bernasconi, Daniel Ott, Roger Furrer - Jan 20, 2023