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Promoting Innovation: Moving into the Digital Future

Innovation at ti&m // In the IT sector, innovation is key when it comes to meeting the challenges of a rapidly developing digital landscape. Companies that are capable of driving innovation can achieve a crucial competitive edge. But how can they create a culture of innovation and effectively promote the innovation process?

Marius Matter - Sep 27, 2023

Special, Innovation

One pot for everything

Smart cooking // The all-in-one solution really does exist – at least when it comes to cooking pots. Wired Cooking has developed a pot that can prepare (almost) any dish perfectly. But that’s not all: it also brews beer and ferments vegetables. And the best part is that you don’t even need a stove with the Wired Cooker. The revolutionary cooker is controlled via an app.

- Sep 21, 2023

What digitalization has to do with sustainability. And vice versa.

Simply developing a new app is not enough: Martin Fabini, a lecturer in sustainable digitalization at HSLU, explains why digital transformation must also encompass ecological, societal, and economic sustainability aspects.

Martin Fabini - Sep 15, 2023


"It's important to be a nerd"

How ugly drawing can change one’s perspective of the world, what art has to do with losing control, and what we can look forward to at the openings of his art@work project "The Search for Order" - we interviewed artist Luc Isenschmid.

Luc Isenschmid - Sep 5, 2023

Innovation, Special

Of health-promoting bracelets and digital lifestyle coaches

Singapore-ETH Centre // In 2010, the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) was established by ETH Zurich and the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF) as part of the NRF’s Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Entrepreneurship (CREATE). As ETH Zurich’s only research center outside Switzerland, the center strengthens ETH Zurich’s research capacity to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges in Switzerland, Singapore and surrounding regions.

Dr. Thomas Meyer - Aug 24, 2023

Innovation, Special

Innovation through participation

E-government // For an innovation project to succeed, end users must play an active role in shaping it. Digital Public Services Switzerland is supporting various innovation and participatory projects in the public administration sector. The aim is for the Confederation, cantons, and municipalities to advance the digital transformation together with the country’s residents and other stakeholders. Let’s take a look at two of these projects.

Lucas Nicolussi, Dr. Matthias Baldauf - Aug 9, 2023

Innovation, Special

“The majority of our
range is IoT-ready”

V-ZUG // Swiss market leader V-ZUG has been manufacturing household appliances for over 100 years. It has recently developed the V-Connect app with ti&m. With solutions like this, V-ZUG is transforming its products into smart appliances. These devices make everyday life easier for users, property managers, building maintenance staff, and service teams. In our interview, we spoke about new technologies and the right way to motivate change.

Wolfgang Schroeder - Jul 28, 2023

Special, Innovation

The challenges Artificial Intelligence poses for cyber security

Cyber security // Sooner or later, AI will become a part of our everyday lives — just like the internet. New, intelligent tools are making many of our personal and professional activities easier and more rewarding. But they also present risks in terms of security. Every new application supplies AI models with even more data, increasing the risk of data leaks, for example.

Milos Bozovic - Jul 4, 2023

Technology, Innovation

“Digital first” and “user last”?

“Digital first” does not mean “technology first”. Why the most important thing is often forgotten in digital transformation projects: added value for customers.

Mirjam Mettler - Jul 4, 2023

Special, Innovation

New approaches in quality assurance

Innovative testing // An ever-increasing number of people are joining the digital world – and demands and requirements for digital solutions are growing just as rapidly. The upshot for quality assurance is that innovative technologies and methods are a must to meet these requirements.

Larissa Baiter, Timo Tomasini - Jul 3, 2023

Special, Innovation

Creating innovative ecosystems with open networks

Zurich: an innovation hub // Switzerland has been named the world leader in innovation for the 13th time. And the Zurich economic area plays a major role in this. It is home to the highest percentage of innovative companies across the entire nation. What is the key to its success? Dynamic networks that are open to the outside world and never stop evolving.

Sonja Wollkopf Walt - Jun 30, 2023

Special, Innovation

Large Language Models: a Game Changer

Artificial intelligence // At the beginning of May, Geoffrey Hinton was the latest veteran AI researcher to warn against the potential of “new” AI. But it was already clear that a short-term hype cycle doesn’t adequately explain current developments.

Ursin Brunner - Jun 27, 2023

Special, Innovation

Open by default: It’s the law

Open source and open data // A new Swiss law will require the federal administration to publish all of its software as open source software. Public authorities will also be required to release their data as open government data. The new law is creating more openness, boosting innovation, and prompting a cultural shift in the federal administration. Plus, more digital public goods means more digital sustainability.

Matthias Stürmer - Jun 26, 2023