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An analysis on hybrid advisory solutions in retail banking

Hybrid advice // Customer advisory as a core business (still) differentiates Swiss banks from the standardized services and products of neobanks. Analyses conducted for our white paper show that retail banks will nevertheless increasingly have to deal with hybrid advisory solutions – i.e. the symbiosis of physical, holistic advice and self-service advice in standardized product sales and the right interaction between people and technology.

Stefan Rüesch - Jan 25, 2023

Customer advisory services in the metaverse

Metaverse // A number of companies have taken their first steps into the metaverse in recent months. In the fall of 2022, digital asset bank Sygnum became the first Swiss bank to open a hub on Decentraland. We asked Prof. Andreas Dietrich about the relevance this topic has for banks here in Switzerland.

Andreas Dietrich - Jan 24, 2023

Screen people efficiently using AI

Artificial intelligence // In collaboration with ti&m, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein developed a selflearning tool to automate the process of screening exposed persons. In addition to improved results, “Fit & Proper” has also resulted in a noticeable reduction in the workload of the FMA’s specialists.

Roger Guntli - Jan 23, 2023

Neo Cores vs. Legacy Cores: What lies ahead?

Neo Cores // New providers are entering the market with new core banking solutions and challenging the established market leaders. We interviewed three core banking providers and our banking experts from ti&m to talk about the future of core banking systems.

David Müller, Daniel Bernasconi, Daniel Ott, Roger Furrer - Jan 20, 2023

Why SIX’s bLink is becoming the leading Swiss open-finance platform

Open Banking // Even for us, the advent of open finance will sooner or later not be a question of “whether”, but rather “how?”. With bLink, SIX offers Swiss banks and fintech companies a common platform through which they can connect with each other in a standardized, scalable, and secure way. As a technology partner, ti&m supports banks in connecting their systems to the bLink ecosystem.

Mike Hofmann, Thimo Schinagl - Jan 19, 2023

Vertical integration thanks to modular neo-core banking systems

Neo-core banking systems // Many banks are starting from a challenging situation as regards their technology. This is because shorter and shorter technology cycles, potential new competitors, and changing service structures have led to a wide range of initiatives and new digital offers in the Swiss financial sector.

Fabian Braunwalder - Jan 18, 2023

How data is changing the future of banking

Data-driven banking // Swiss banks collect and hold huge amounts of usable data, and many are already successfully applying big data and AI in various business cases. The potential to optimize data use through a data-driven banking strategy is enormous, especially for smaller banks. This is because even small projects can achieve clear added value in this manner.

Thomas Ankenbrand - Jan 17, 2023


Requirements engineering training at SWICA: working on the basis of a common language

In the second half of 2022, we had the opportunity to share our expertise and experience in requirements engineering with around 80 people as part of a collaboration with SWICA. The training courses were a great success – and the company is eager for more.

Thomas Loser - Dec 21, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

New solutions need 
new processes

e-ID // The state e-ID has to be forward-looking. And the process to develop it is innovative too: with regular consultation meetings, an electronic discussion platform, and pilot projects, a new form of collaboration between the people, businesses and the state is being born.

Rolf Rauschenbach - Dec 12, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

“Work isn’t some place you go to”

New Work // The world of work has undergone a paradigm shift, and the way in which businesses organize collaborative working will determine their future success. We spoke to New Work expert Dr. Sandra Breuer about different working concepts and the most effective office architecture.

Dr. Sandra Breuer - Dec 6, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

Rethinking consulting 
solutions in banking

Consulting solutions as a service // Low margins and growing competition are putting Swiss banks under increasing pressure. But there’s also an opportunity to gain new customers and retain existing ones by investing in consulting quality. In hot demand are digitally automated consultancy tools that keep banks’ costs low and give customer service advisers the chance to offer their clients the best possible service.

Stefan Rüesch - Nov 24, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

The workplace, 

ti&m places // The pandemic, along with work with a range of partners, the need for geographical independence, and not least the high costs of office space and infrastructure, has hastened the trend toward new working models for the long term. Now there is demand for tools that make it simple to introduce new hybrid workplace strategies.

Marius Matter - Nov 21, 2022


«Die moderne, modulare Architektur unserer Lösungen ermöglicht eine sehr schnelle Time-to-Market»

Künstliche Intelligenz, Automatisierungspotenziale, neue Kernbankensysteme, Open Banking oder die Cloud: Im Interview spricht unser neuer Head Banking Products & Innovation Fabian Braunwalder über die vielfältigen technologischen Herausforderungen für Banken. Und er verrät, wo man ihn privat antrifft.

Fabian Braunwalder - Nov 15, 2022