11. September 2020

An app is about more than just technology

arbeitgeber award

User Experience Gold // migrolino AG, together with its customers, celebrated the company’s 10th anniversary in January 2019 with the launch of the migrolino app. Working together with ti&m, the app was created in just 12 weeks using an agile process. Following positive feedback, the app has been further refined and improved.

Since its founding, migrolino has set standards in convenience retail and provided its customer base with a unique shopping ex-perience. The idea was to take the next logical step forward by creating an app for their 10th anniversary. A key factor for suc-cess was customer­centered design. An interdisciplinary team with experience in design, development, and retail was in the best position to gear the app to the needs of the user. Some examples:

1. Making an emotional connection: Animations on the app’s welcome pages prompt curiosity, explain the app’s most important features, and help minimize the bounce rate.
2. Logins packed with fun: Rüebli – the little mascot created by ti&m in the migrolino colors – makes the normally boring registration process fun thanks to his antics.
3. Clear focus: The digital discount coupons, rewarding customers with discounts of up to 50 %, are the centerpiece of the app. The design puts the focus on the products and the range. 
4. Transitions that make sense: Meaningful micro-interactions support the user experience and make the app enjoyable.
5. Visibility in the app stores: Clear messages and animations encourage downloads
6. Gamification to increase usage: For example, the newly released wheel of fortune has been played at least once a week by approx. 75 % of users. 

High user satisfaction rate
The app was designed to be as user­friendly as possible. To this end, the employees from over 320 migrolino shops were involved in the testing phase. Their feedback offered valuable input for urther improvements. At the same time, the employees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the app so they could then promote the app. The excellent user experience, attrac tive offers, and a targeted marketing campaign have resulted in a positive upswing in digital emotions relating to the migrolino brand. Feedback from the customer base has been very posi-tive, as demonstrated by a rating of 4.2 stars in the app stores, for example.
Further development of the migrolino app allowed us to continue our successful teamwork and implement additional functions including loyalty cards, competitions, and the wheel of fortune. The targeted use of gamification has yielded a 20 % increase in the number of active users, defined as those who open the app daily. The migrolino app is an example of what close collabora-tion between design, development, retail, and marketing should look like. The result was the successful creation of a multi­award winning app that went above and beyond expectations. The refined and improved app will therefore remain a major component of migrolino’s offering well beyond their anniversary year.

Customer benefits of the migrolino app: an overview 
– Benefit from new coupons every week
– Save with digital loyalty cards
– Spin the wheel of fortune to win free products
– Take part in tempting competitions
– Collect Cumulus points
– Find one of over 320 migrolino shops nearby

Alexandra Vogel
Alexandra Vogel

Alexandra Vogel has been working as a project manager at migrolino AG since 2018, and was responsible for the introduction and continued development of the migrolino app as part of her role. She has an MA in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen.