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The ti&m onboarding suite offers modern, fully automated and legally compliant onboarding, which allows banks to register new customers quickly and entirely by digital means. The onboarding process is completed with the qualified electronic signature (QES). Unlike other QES solutions, Skribble’s platform-based solution can be used to sign multiple documents. Other services provided by banks that require the conclusion of a contract, for example signing up for a new product, are therefore more easily accessible: The re-identification process is eliminated, resulting in greater convenience for bank customers and significantly lower process costs. With Skribble’s solution, any type of contract can be signed digitally – in the EU, Switzerland, and worldwide. Digital onboarding from ti&m can therefore also be used by banks abroad. 

Future-proof solution: Fulfills the ETSI standard and the increasing requirements of bank customers 

Within the framework of the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ZertES), the new standard of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has also recently been applied in Switzerland. The ETSI standard means that identities that are established during legally compliant onboarding and that meet the requirements of the new standard can be used to issue regulated signature certificates, such as those from Skribble. The application of the new standard in Switzerland thus creates the legal basis for the reusability of electronic signatures. 

Setting up new banking activities is still very process- and document-heavy for bank customers, with long waiting times and transitions between different media. The demand for seamlessly integrated processes is increasing. Bank customers expect to be able to use the identification they undergo for onboarding for other downstream services and bank products. Thanks to the partnership with Skribble, the ti&m onboarding suite now offers a fully digital and networked onboarding solution with an outstanding customer experience and user-friendly authentication methods. The standard software modules of the onboarding suite are provided and implemented both as a stand-alone solution and integrated in the ti&m banking suite. The partnership between ti&m and Skribble is another step towards establishing e-signing in the Swiss market. Conventional solutions often focus either on being secure or on being simple, unlike at Skribble AG where security and simplicity are combined.




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ti&m stands for technology, innovation & management. We are the Swiss leaders in projects and products for digitalization, security and innovation, and we are striving to achieve the same position in financial and technology centers elsewhere, too. We offer our discerning clients vertical integration throughout the IT value chain. At our offices in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Singapore, we currently employ over 600 outstanding engineers, designers and consultants. Our growth is based on our strengths and values: courage, creativity, agility and entrepreneurial flair coupled with sustainability and Swissness.

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About Skribble

The TrustTech company Skribble, founded in March 2018, is the global provider for electronic signatures with Swiss data protection. As a one-stop store for electronic signing, Skribble delivers the legally appropriate electronic signature for every type of contract. It is based on legally regulated standards, including the qualified electronic signature (QES) - the only form of electronic signature that is equivalent to the handwritten signature before EU and Swiss law.

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For general questions please contact Kira Leuthold:, Tel. 044 505 16 46