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ti&m assists banks in connecting to bLink from SIX

Open banking is the general term for a standardized exchange of financial data between banks, financial institutions, and companies, with the objective of removing silos of information between organizations and ultimately improving the customer experience. With the launch of the centralized API platform bLink, SIX has taken a meaningful step toward building a standardization approach for Swiss banks. Banks and third-party providers need only sign a single participant contract with SIX instead of negotiating a number of individual agreements. SIX also handles the unified verification of participants for admission to the data exchange.

Step by step to open banking

Play by your own rules

Open banking is now. Switzerland’s market-oriented approach without legislative regulation gives you plenty of flexibility. Because the decision as to which data is shared is the bank’s alone.

Modern services for your customers

Give your customers access to the possibilities of open banking and put your bank at the forefront of technological innovation.

New income sources, thanks to an open ecosystem

Open banking generates new, regular sources of income. For example, you can charge for system connections and the purchase of third-party services.

A world of possibilities

Become the touchpoint that lets your customers tap into the many opportunities the growing open ecosystem offers with online retailers and financial service providers.

Take the first step into open banking with ti&m

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How ti&m can help

With ti&m we make open banking straightforward and easy for your bank. We remove the need to open new interfaces to your internal systems and the associated risk of something going wrong. With our existing integration technology, the ti&m banking adapter, in one short leap you can connect your core banking system to the bLink interface, while maintaining full control of how and what is being exposed.

What data can be shared


Account and securities account information

Customers can share an array of data with regard to their accounts and portfolios, including account balances, account transactions and statements, portfolio positions and valuations.

This data will be shared in a secure way with the third party systems using the standardized APIs.

Payment and stock market orders

Customers can enter payment and stock market orders directly in their third-party system (e.g. accounting system) and initiate them in e-banking with a single click.

Use Case bexio for a Swiss cantonal bank

How a bank connects to the accounting software bexio

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Thimo Schinagl

Product Manager

Thimo Schinagl

We would be happy to support you with your open banking strategy. Ask us all your questions now!