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As part of the digitalization strategy pursued by Kessler, the leading Swiss enterprise specializing in comprehensive risk, insurance and pension benefits, ti&m was tasked with developing a concept, a design, and a front- and back-end, and integrating these with the existing core system.

The goal was to develop a solution to digitalize the consulting process: moving from a heterogeneous, Excel-based form to a digital risk assessment with a high recognition factor for both consultants and customers (via an online portal).

Our approach

We worked in parallel where we could. So, for example, before the draft design had been reviewed by the client, we prepared the backlog and set priorities for implementation. The final design was developed in parallel: a one-day “design garage” was set up, during which we created the prototype with design thinking approaches and scribbles. To make development as independent as possible, we built a mock-up of the core system based on interface specifications supplied by the client. Implementation took place iteratively as per Scrum. The client was closely involved in the project, which helped us to set priorities and define the MVP together. However, thanks to the great trust placed in ti&m by the client, our iterative process, and the internal ti&m UX guide, we were able to resolve lots of detailed questions without involving the client.

Shared goals

To come up with a solution that would meet – and exceed – the technical and functional requirements set by the client. To reconcile the ideas put forward by the various stakeholders and shape them into one single, coherent design. To enable developer resources to have access to a backlog that is constantly filled and prioritized, and to rapidly respond to detailed questions



Costs and planning

How do you meet the envisaged scope with a fixed deadline and a fixed budget?



How do you combine the ideas put forward by various stakeholders into one coherent whole?


Remote working

At the client’s request, development was carried out exclusively remotely


Go-live of risk matrix within 2.5 months of concluding the contract

Pascal Wild

Head of Consulting

Pascal Wild

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