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Our solution

ti&m places is extremely user-friendly and fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, and has a high user acceptance. Another differentiator is its cost: it is charged based on the number of user licenses, without any upfront costs or basic flat rates.


Since ti&m places met the requirements of the Jacobs Foundation, the challenge lay in employee acceptance. ti&m granted the client a one-month free trial license in order to test the solution with a pilot group and gain experience with it. The favorable response had a positive impact on the decision to adopt ti&m places as a workplace management solution.

What experience has shown

Experience has demonstrated that a trial phase with a test group is a key factor in whether a solution of this kind is accepted. This is why ti&m will continue to offer potential clients a one-month free trial license.


Thanks to ti&m places, the Jacobs Foundation has been able to introduce desk sharing and therefore use its office space more efficiently. Full integration into Microsoft Teams and excellent user-friendliness mean there is very little extra work for administrators and employees. Licensing costs for ti&m places are negligible and are more than compensated for by the more efficient use of workstations. Using ti&m places enables office infrastructure costs to be sustainably reduced.

Andri Bühler

Head of Places

Andri Bühler

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