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What use cases does the rapid development of artificial intelligence open up for companies? How do companies like Swisscom and V-ZUG approach innovative projects? And how do IT service providers such as ti&m support Swiss companies with creating marketable digitalization solutions? How are we helping them to harness new technologies and develop new business models?

In the new ti&m special “Innovation”, opinion leaders from various industries have their say and explain how processes, products and services can be rethought through the interaction of technology and innovation culture.

“We need to quickly gain experience with AI and use the opportunities that arise”

Swisscom // Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler served as chief digital officer at Swisscom. He recently left this position after 13 years on the executive board. We spoke with him about his time at Swisscom and the company’s culture of innovation.

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Swisscom

Large Language Models: a Game Changer

Artificial intelligence // At the beginning of May, Geoffrey Hinton was the latest veteran AI researcher to warn against the potential of “new” AI. But it was already clear that a short-term hype cycle doesn’t adequately explain current developments.

Ursin Brunner, ti&m

Open by default: It’s the law

Open source and open data // A new Swiss law will require the federal administration to publish all of its software as open source software. Public authorities will also be required to release their data as open government data. The new law is creating more openness, boosting innovation, and prompting a cultural shift in the federal administration.

Matthias Stürmer, Bern University of Applied Sciences

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Marius Matter

CTO, Head Agile Projects Zurich

Marius Matter

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