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Fast, simple and secure identification

Our innovative, AI-based online identification quickly and securely verifies prospects, taking only moments for them to become customers. Meet KYC and AML requirements with an out-of-the-box solution that is simple and intuitive to use. Protect your business and your customers’ identity with the top Swiss provider of online identification.

Swisscom relies on Online Identification from ti&m

With Swisscom Sign, Swisscom offers all users of the My Swisscom app a free electronic signature service. To qualify users for legally valid electronic signatures, Swisscom uses the online identification software from ti&m.

Your benefits from ti&m Online Identification

Onboard more customers

Streamline the customer acquisition process with an intuitive onboarding solution.

Prevent fraud

Use award-winning identity and document verification to stop attempts to commit identity fraud.

Streamline processes

Automate customer identification and reduce manual input, improving processes.

Combine identity verification with QES

Our solution is compliant with the European ETSI standards and is certified for issuing QES. Complete the entire customer lifecycle with ti&m Online Identification by integrating the Verification App in your end-to-end onboarding.

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How ti&m’s reliable identity verification works

Using advanced image detection and cross-validation of contextual information we shield you from fraudsters.

99% success rate with asynchronous check

From lighting conditions to background colors, so much can get in the way of automatic document verification. When an authentic document cannot be verified by our AI algorithm, the asynchronous check system kicks in. The verification request is routed to our 24/7 call center for manual review; meanwhile, the customer can proceed with their journey. Avoid drop-outs while maintaining high security standards

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Advanced documents verification

Using advanced AI and millions of data points our system can detect fraudulent documents in milliseconds.

Global coverage

Our system supports documents from over 40 countries, increasing your chances of success


Look beyond the photo – our system is able to read both the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) of the document

Hologram checks

We further verify the authenticity of a document by validating the hologram

Forged photo detection

Our system is able to detect if a photograph is forged or has been altered


Further improve security by employing near-field communication (NFC) technology, if this is supported by the document

Patented technology

Our technology for reading the security zones of ID document has been registered as a patent

Discover ti&m Online Identification

Recognized as a leader

Our solution is ETSI certified and has been independently audited for the generation of QES according to both ZertES and eID.AS regulations. We are the only provider able to support QES in such a large market, giving our customers the unique opportunity to serve both the Swiss and European markets with the same identification solution. 

ti&m Onboarding for OKB

Digital onboarding for retail customers

As part of the Finnova Portal as a Service project, a collaboration between Finnova and ti&m, ti&m online identification was introduced at Obwaldner Kantonalbank.



Standards-compliant with flexible integration options

Compliance with the European ETSI standard means our software can issue qualified electronic signatures (QES) by a range of signature providers. Software development kits (SDKs) for both web and mobile platforms (iOS, Android) enable seamless integration into a broad spectrum of process and technology environments.


As-a-service or on-premises

You can choose whether to run the software yourself in-house or simply order it from ti&m as a service. You can likewise choose between fully automated 24/7 identification, which directs any exceptional cases to alternative channels, and hybrid identification with a supplementary manual check in the background.
Andreas Huck

Head of Onboarding Suite

Andreas Huck

Like the sound of fully automated customer onboarding? I’d love to show you a demo of our online identification app.