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Efficient identification check via video call with the ti&m Video Identification 

Our user-friendly video identification system is fully compliant with the legal requirements for a human assisted identification process (as set out in FINMA RS16/7). The ti&m Video Identification is offered as a standard solution and can be integrated seamlessly into existing web solutions or native apps using REST API or a mobile SDK. 

Core functionality


Modern technology combined with a professional call centre – either your own or our service.


Combine with qualified electronic signature (QES) for a complete process


Straightforward integration thanks to a standard interface (REST)

ETSI Standard

Compliance with the European ETSI standard enables the issuance of Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) by various signature providers.

The intuitive workbench for the back office

Our business workbench offers a simple and intuitive user interface to help your back office employees guide your customers through the identification process. The thoroughly audited process supports full document verification and can be integrated seamlessly into your core systems. 

The back office function can also optionally be provided by our partner call center or by a call center of your choice. 

Your core module in a comprehensive onboarding process.

The ti&m Video Identification makes it quick and easy to implement a standardized, seamless onboarding of your customers. The service can be integrated into your own onboarding process or you can use the comprehensive functionality of our ti&m Onboarding.



Discover ti&m Video Identification 

Andreas Huck

Head of Onboarding Suite

Andreas Huck

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