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Your way into the blockchain with ti&m

Despite the Bitcoin bubble and investor hype about everything that carries the name Blockchain, we are still at the beginning of its development. The basic technologies are still under development, the business cases are still being experimented with wildly and the benefit for the companies is still rarely more than a big promise. As a company, you want a partner who will accompany you through all phases of your entrepreneurial blockchain lifecycle.


You want to know how the blockchain works in order to estimate the potential for your company? Your decision makers will encounter new paradigms and new business models, which will present your entrepreneurial intuition with completely new challenges. Your IT professionals face application architectures that turn your traditional notions of security and data management upside down. And all this happens in a heated environment where horror messages alternate with healing promises virtually hourly. The only way to move safely in this environment: Knowledge, and thus one's own ability to judge.


You want to develop concrete business cases based on the blockchain - from the idea to the product design to the development of a minimal viable product? Our ti&m garage is the ideal place to create, verify and develop Blockchain ideas up to the first Minimal Viable Product. In the creative design thinking process we bring in the knowledge about the typical Blockchain patterns and the resulting possibilities. The technology stack for Dapps (distributed Apps) is immediately available and we are at home in the handling of the special Blockchain Economy (test networks, billing of operating costs, generation of tokens). This allows your entire creativity to focus on the development of your new business case from day one.

Some legends start in a garage

Small, motivated teams retreat to the garage, argue until they’re blue in the face, model, and visualize their findings on the wall before testing them. The result is a functional MVP in just 3 to 12 weeks.

Transforming and Disrupting

The successful MVP will be extended to a complete solution. You believe in your business case and now develop the solution that opens up new opportunities for your business.

Ethereum Know-how

We offer you the cooperation and support of blockchain experienced software developers, designers and business experts.

Smart Contracts

We develop and validate your Smart Contracts and set them live.

Front-end development

We build your front-ends on all devices and ensure the wow effect for your users.


We bring the concentrated knowledge and experience from our network as a technology and research partner to your project.

User experience

We deliver superior user experience for the digital natives of the crypto industry.


We ensure that your blockchain application meets your specific security requirements, from start to finish.
Martin Fabini

Executive Consultant

Martin Fabini

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