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Digital customer experience

Designing a digital communication channel is not just about making information as easy to find as possible – it’s about offering users a digital experience. That’s why we consider the whole customer journey, identifying all the digital touchpoints. A modern digital experience platform provides a technical solution for creating personalized experiences on any digital channel. We can advise you on the design of the solution, implement it, and operate it – all from a single source in Switzerland.

The right CMS

A content management system (CMS) is one of the central components of a website or portal; it manages web content and media. We will work with you to analyze which CMS would best support your plans, drawing on our long years of experience with different products. We will consider not only your specific functional requirements, but also investment security, scaling, integration capability, omnichannel support, operating costs, and training expenditure.

A scalable architecture

We have designed and implemented projects that span the full spectrum of complexity, from static campaign microsites to complete e-banking platforms. We put all our architecture expertise at your disposal to satisfy your individual requirements in terms of system availability, security, and performance. When designing a solution, we place particular emphasis on ensuring that the platform is easy to expand, maintain, and integrate into your existing system landscape. Wherever feasible, we always follow the microservice approach, proven over many years, in which individual developments are implemented and operated independently of the CMS as far as possible.

Optimization with analytics & SEO

To generate the maximum return on your investment, you need to continuously develop and optimize your digital sales channel. This ongoing development should be based on research and facts. Our in-house experts can support you with setting up suitable web analytics dashboards with appropriate KPIs, as well as with establishing continuous search engine optimization (SEO).

Marco  Zimmerli

Head of Digital Design

Marco Zimmerli

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