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Digital investing that's fun

In a volitile market, clients look for diversified and cost-effective investment solutions. The trend towards digital platforms is intensifying, with investors who have a particular affinity for digital platforms increasingly looking for straighforward self-service solutions. The ti&m wealth advisor platform enables banks to attract new customers and boost customer satisfaction. This investment platform covers the entire life cycle of the investment and its customers – form onboarding through investment strategy and payments to reporting.

Intuitive solution with seamless integration

The platform's intuitive user interface for mobile devices and browsers makes taking charge of your investments a fun and enjoyable process, while simultaneously reducing operational costs for the provider. This is a white-label solution that can be integrated seamlessly into existing online portals. The user interface can be fully customized to fit with your corporate design.

Personal investment strategy

The solution includes a digital questionnaire that can be adapted to your consulting process and used by the client to determine their risk profile and personal investment strategy. The risk profiling process complies with the regulatory requirements under the Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG) and works on the basis of a points system. Clients can override the investment strategy proposed and adapt it to their needs. It is also possible to select specific investment themes to suit clients' interests, such as ESG, robotics, or infrastructure. You can configure investments on the basis of their preferences.

Asset development in focus

Every time the strategy is adjusted, it is compared with the risk profile and stored as the appropriate protocol; it is also sent to the client or the bank as a PDF document. The client is automatically informed if their asset allocation no longer matches their investment strategy. They then have the option of confirming that they wish to rebalance or adjusting their risk profile. Retrospective performance simulations for the selected investment strategy. Forecasts for asset development based on average returns for individual investment strategies. Comprehensive reporting function including key portfolio performance indicators, asset allocation, and information on position.

Around-the-clock service

Offer your customers other useful and intuitive features such as digital tax statements, automatic investment cycles, entry and exit management, and customizable notifications for a range of portfolio events. Customers can visit the online portal any time day or night to monitor the performance of their investments, via a desktop or mobile interface. To ensure that the system meets customer needs, there are optional expansions for the digital investment platform, including a secure chat channel, for example, that allows users to communicate asynchronously with a customer advisor. Be an innovative provider and set new standards for digital investment. Attract customers who might otherwise choose alternative solutions.


Completely automated

happier and more loyal customers thanks to full automation


White-label platform

a state-of-the-art solution, fully integrated into your portal and aligned with your corporate design


Improved customer satisfaction

higher customer satisfaction at lower costs


Lower costs, more profit

free your customer advisors from trivial processing

A persuasive solution


Transforming the investment universe into a digital world


Flexible, direct and expert management of investment themes

FIDLEG compliant

FIDLEG-compliant questionnaire to determine risk profiles


Rapid integration into core banking systems


Connecting to third-party providers couldn't be simpler


Possible extension of functionality to existing integration

For investors who like things digital and simple

Simple, user-friendly investment process + Automatic investment in the selected investment strategy + Clear presentation of portfolio with drill-down function + Completely digitalized products

Thimo Schinagl

Product Manager

Thimo Schinagl

Offer your customers an investment platform that is fun!