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Secure identification using the latest technology

Our innovative, AI-based ti&m online identification service quickly and securely identifies prospects, taking only moments for them to become a new customer. The online identification process, encompassing the two steps of document scanning and liveness check, is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. 
On completion, the new customer’s data are available for further processing. The patented online identification service can be integrated into your existing onboarding solution as a stand-alone module; alternatively, it is available as part of our complete solution, the ti&m onboarding suite. 

Flexible use. Comprehensive functionality.

Hybrid identification allows for manual checking and adjustment of the automatically generated results. The asynchronous check is integrated transparently into the process and the user experience.

As-a-service or on-premises

You can choose whether to run the software yourself in-house or simply order it from ti&m as a service. You can likewise choose between fully automated 24/7 identification, which directs any exceptional cases to alternative channels, and hybrid identification with a supplementary manual check in the background.

Comprehensive check of ID documents

Use of forged documents is prevented by employing highly effective technical measures

From all over the world

Exact matching with current identification forms from more than 40 countries


Scanning of security zones such as the machine-readable zone (MRZ) or visual inspection zone (VIZ)

Hologram checks

Integral security features are checked using innovative technology

Forged photo detection

Automatic detection of altered or fake photos


Reading of NFC information

Reliable identity verification

Robust image detection and inclusion of contextual information ensure that false identities are not accepted.


Genuineness verified via head posing


Comparison with the document photo (face matching)


Address check via postal services (Switzerland and Germany)

Patented and accepted by the supervisory authorities

The ti&m online identification service meets the requirements for online identification set out by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. The innovative method for reading the contents of security zones has been registered as a patent.  

ETSI Standard and flexible integration

Compliance with the European ETSI standard permits the issuing of qualified electronic signatures (QES) by a range of signature providers. Software development kits (SDKs) for both web and mobile platforms (iOS, Android) enable seamless integration into a broad spectrum of process and technology environments.

Andreas Huck

Product Manager

Andreas Huck

Like the sound of fully automated customer onboarding? I’d love to show you a demo of our online identification app.