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A banking platform that helps you stand head and shoulders above the competition

E-banking is about more than just transactions. With an unprecedented level of openness and modularity, the ti&m digital banking suite can transform your mobile, web portal, and back office to create a unified experience like no other. Discover how our modular online banking platform can supercharge your business. Create an enhanced user experience at every touch point, taking advantage of our expertise in pairing highly scalable technology with customer-friendly and engaging design.

Investment platform 3a

With the digital investment platform 3a, banks win new customers and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

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ti&m trading suite

A trading platform with real-time market data and high entertainment factor that gives customers the "Professional Trader Feeling".

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Die Zukunft der Kundenberatung im Banking?

Lesen Sie das White Paper und erhalten Sie fundierte Einblicke in die Zukunft der Kundenberatung von unseren Digital Banking Spezialisten.

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ti&m card management

Deliver a new card experience. Let users feel in charge of their cards with virtual cards, notifications, dynamic transaction control and custom spending limits. All in the mobile app.

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Discover our e-banking

Enhance your digital banking offering

Extend your digital banking offer beyond online banking. Support your customers with modern digitalization solutions that can be combined together like Lego bricks.

ti&m digital mortgage
An intelligent solution for the entire spectrum of home financing. The end-to-end process supports mortgage financing from an initial calculations through to contract signature.

ti&m robo advisor
A flexible, cost-effective solution to meet your customers’ investment needs. Automate the creation and management of personalized investment portfolios to greatly reduce employee involvement and processing costs.

Empower your teams to enhance the customer relationship

Understand usage trends and make informed business decisions.
Track how customers engage with your app suite, how often they sign in and on what device, regular transactions, and more. Then turn these insights into actionable intelligence to unlock new business opportunities and streamline system management for back-office IT teams.

Global data access
Connect all your data sources to understand customer behaviors, preferences and trends, and implement smarter cross-sell campaigns.

Flexible dashboard control
Create personalized account overviews to highlight insights and product recommendations.

Voice Banking

Tapping on screens is so last year.

Thanks to contextual understanding and advanced voice recognition, your customers can handle common banking tasks through voice operated virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Success story

CIC eLounge

CIC eLounge is Bank CIC’s new e-banking platform, built using our digital banking modules. It’s customizable and user friendly, giving CIC customers a holistic experience on every device.

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Samuel Scheidegger

Head Banking Innovations & New Markets

Samuel Scheidegger

Ready to transform your bank with cutting-edge technology?