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Unlock Business Success: The Power of User Identification

Identifying your users is a crucial factor for your company. By verifying who your customers are, you unlock a whole range of benefits: improved security, personalized experiences and rock-solid compliance with regulations. Imagine reducing fraud, building greater customer trust and streamlining onboarding processes – all while gaining invaluable data-driven insights. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also promotes sales growth through targeted marketing and optimized support. In the digital landscape, knowing your users means staying ahead of the competition and creating a seamless, trustworthy and engaging user experience. Embrace user identification and watch your business flourish.

Tailor-made digital identification solutions

Revolutionize your sector with our tailored digital identification solutions for banking, egovernment and insurance.


Our digital identification solution is tailored to the specific requirements of the banking sector. Whether it’s opening new accounts, conducting transactions or complying with regulatory requirements, our software ensures seamless and secure identification processes for banks and financial institutions.


Electronic government services

Digital identification is revolutionizing the way authorities interact with their citizens and provide public services. From online tax returns to applications for state benefits, digital identification enables secure and convenient access to electronic government services, increasing efficiency and citizen satisfaction.



In the insurance industry, digital identification simplifies the verification of policyholders, the processing of claims, and risk assessment. By using digital identity solutions, insurers can optimize customer onboarding, speed up claims settlement, and effectively combat insurance fraud.


We take care of the identification. And the rest.

As experts in online identification, we know that identification is only one part of the user journey. That’s why supporting our customers in the seamless implementation of our ti&m Online Identification solution is just one part of what we do. Working closely with clients, our UX experts, process consultants and software developers can optimize every step of the journey and create a unique onboarding experience.

UI/UX expertise

A complete design team is available to support you in improving your user journey if required.

Process optimisation

Our consulting team has experience from numerous projects and can help you set up the best flow for your users.

24/7 Asynchronous Verification for QES

Offer true 24/7 identification – with every document, whenever users need it.

IT Security

We are technology and security experts and have an extensive team available for products and all additional services.

Why you should choose ti&m identification solutions

Integration opportunities

Our very flexible identification options allow you to offer our product as a standalone app, as part of your app or simply use our backend SDK with your own frontend.

24/7 with asynchronous verification

Users do not open bank accounts or insurance policies during working hours, but in the evenings and at weekends. That’s why our identification is truly available 24/7.

We are ZertES and eIDAS certified

Our identification solutions ti&m Video Identification and ti&m Online Identification comply with the ETSI standard. The identification of new customers validated with the ti&m onboarding process can therefore be used as the basis for qualified electronic signatures (QES). In legal terms, these are equivalent to a handwritten signature.


With our comprehensive workbench, you can track each identification process in detail, enabling you to help your customers quickly and avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Best of Swiss Apps 2021

Our customer onboarding solution has won an award! The ti&m Onboarding won Silver (Business Impact) and Bronze (Enterprise) at the Best of Swiss Apps awards ceremony 2021.

Martin Unterbäumen

Head of Client Engagement

Martin Unterbäumen

Ready to transform your onboarding with cutting-edge technology?