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Increase conversions on your bank portal. Close more business.

Opening a bank account is much harder than it should be. Compliance checks, legacy software systems and bureaucracy discourage your digital-first customers that want to open an account in just a few clicks. Create a frictionless, user-focused onboarding experience that will impress even your youngest visitors. Offer a mobile-first, AI-based account opening process accessible any time of day with instant verification. Complete with a connection to your core banking system, to streamline processes and truly accelerate your digital transformation.

Best of Swiss Apps 2021

Our customer onboarding solution has won an award! The ti&m onboarding suite won Silver (Business Impact) and Bronze (Enterprise) at the Best of Swiss Apps awards ceremony 2021.


Meets legal requirements The ti&m onboarding suite complies with FINMA guidelines and meets all legal requirements. Quality Security at the highest level. Our algorithms are regularly audited by an independent body. 2FA standard Our solutions always meet the highest security standards.


Leading AI-based solution AI enables customers to identify themselves seamlessly, without interacting with an advisor - anywhere, anytime, on any device. Fully automated account opening Our end-to-end onboarding can be seamlessly integrated into any core banking system and enables accounts to be opened without back-office involvement. Different usage models The ti&m onboarding suite is available as a fully on-premises deployment, a hybrid solution or a cloud solution.


Fast identification and validation Security checks are performed reliably and in real time thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. User Experience Our onboarding process impresses with its unique user experience, its simplicity and the fast and intuitive way it guides users through the entire process. Customizable Depending on the customer's needs, our out-of-the-box solution can be easily and quickly adapted and extended.

Samuel Scheidegger

Head Products

Samuel Scheidegger

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