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ti&m special «digital trust»

Building digital trust

As our digital worlds and systems grow larger and more complex, trust becomes increasingly important.

ti&m special AI

The first year after ChatGPT — where are we in the AI revolution?

We show how artificial intelligence has shaped Swiss companies, institutions and society.

White paper: «Cloud Insurance»

How insurance companies migrate applications to the cloud

In our free white paper for insurance companies and health insurers, we explain step by step how to successfully implement cloud migration projects. So that you can exploit the full potential of the new infrastructure.

White paper: AI in Banking & Finance

AI in banking: LLMs and personalized ChatGPTs

The easy availability of AI models such as GPT-4 is opening up many new applications for the banking industry. In our white paper, we explain how LLMs and prompts work and how financial institutions can use ChatGPT and similar LLMs to their advant...

ti&m special AI and Innovation

More than just hot air

How are artificial intelligence, the increase and use of Big Data through the cloud, or the improvement of IoT devices driving innovation in different industries? We provide the answer in our new ti&m special.

White Paper Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility - Standards, Principles and Implementation

The United Nations lists access to information and communication technologies as a fundamental human right. Web accessibility, then, is a key criterion in every public tender. We show you how accessibility can be implemented successfully...