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A positive user experience that works.

If your users enjoy your product or service, they will return and stick around. Satisfied customers = positive impact on your business objectives.

How do we achieve an excellent user experience?

Understand your users

We will work closely with you to understand and empathize with your users so that we can create the ideal solutions for them.


We simplify complicated products or processes and ensure that they are intuitive to use.

User feedback

We validate your product with real customers to obtain valuable user feedback.

Collaborative working

All aspects of our work with your team and with real users feed into the product.

Emotional aesthetics

A customer who develops a positive relationship with a product will remain loyal to it.

Positive user experience

We create experiences that are fun for the user.

Give your business the competitive edge with user experience design

Users today expect an intuitive, playful experience. If your product not only meets your users’ functional needs, but is also intuitive to operate, your users will enjoy using your product – this is the key to loyal customers. If you don’t offer your customers the best UX, then sooner or later your competitors will. By providing an excellent user experience, you add clear value for your customers and thereby enhance the quality of your product on the market.

Achieving objectives with an Agile user-centered design process

When we design a new product, it’s always crucial to understand who the users are and how they behave. 
User-centered design is a collection of processes that focus on putting the user at the center of all product design and development activities. When we are developing a digital product, we always take the users’ needs, objectives, and feedback into consideration. This gives us a solid understanding of the context and requirements throughout the entire process so that we can iteratively feed our insights into the design.

With this approach, we create products that turn users into fans.

Emotional aesthetics

When potential customers look at a user interface, they quickly decide whether it is attractive or not. In addition to functionality, cognitive perception plays a crucial role in the acceptance of your product or service. We combine the latest trends and standards with proven design patterns, creating emotional experiences that are tailored to your brand and users.


Iterative testing enables us to observe the user as they actually use the product. This gives us in-depth insights into the behavior and needs of people as they interact with the product. In this way, we can continuously measure and optimize the user-friendliness of the current product iteration throughout the entire development process. We always employ situationally appropriate testing methods. We conduct testing in conjunction with our client wherever possible. This means that they benefit from first-hand feedback, which in turn helps them to understand their users better.

Design Sprints

Reach your objectives through collaboration and focus with design sprints

In an interdisciplinary five-day workshop, we work together with our clients to develop solutions and validate them with real-life users.

Our awards

ti&m’s achievements have been recognized with many different awards. In 2019, we won big at the Best of Swiss Apps Awards and the Digital Economy Award. In the same year, our employees also made their voices heard, naming us one of the best employers in Switzerland. We aren’t going to rest on our laurels just yet though, because there’s still plenty of room in our trophy cabinet.


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