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Your B2B online shop as a digital experience platform

A modern digital sales channel shouldn’t consist just of an attractive product catalog. Map the complete digital customer journey, from ordering through to incoming goods receipt, offer additional digital services, and optimize both your own processes and those of your customers so you can achieve greater financial success even in price-sensitive environments. Don’t just install a standard online shop product – build a digital customer experience platform with us instead.

Digitalizing the individual customer relationship

Advertising for standard B2C e-commerce products claims that a set of B2B plug-ins can handle all the complexity of the B2B sector. In many cases, however, these are at best tools, and if they are highly standardized, they can result a digital sales channel that is the product of many compromises and requires many manual processes. We therefore recommend that you opt for an custom platform solution instead. This enables you to recreate the entire customer relationship digitally, including customer-specific ranges, contractual prices, delivery terms, purchasing organization, communication, and connections to external customer systems.

Scalable e-commerce microservices

Our solution for B2B online shops is based on a modern microservice architecture – an approach we have adopted for years in our own product developments and on many client projects. We implement digital processes as standalone components, which are developed and operated in isolation. This facilitates the ongoing development of your platform at low risk, as well as cost-efficient scaling in the cloud, with an emphasis on exceptionally high availability and flexibility in the face of short-term peaks in demand.

B2B shops with Liferay Commerce

We build our B2B shops on Liferay Commerce, a product primarily designed for customer portals and B2B online shops. It serves as the technical basis for the customer front end and, in our solution approach, it is extended with customer-specific microservices. Liferay Commerce offers a full-fledged CMS, catalogs with customer-specific prices, a shopping cart with checkout, item availability calculation, as well as mapping customer organizations with different customer accounts.

Marco  Zimmerli

Head of Digital Design

Marco Zimmerli

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